Plenty Wyo Try

Mr. Roosevelt


Grullo Roan

  • E/E a/a Rn/rn D/d
  • 15.1 hh
  • 5 Panel N/N
  • Own son to Wyo Blue Bonnet
  • IBV 5.01 %
  • Homozygousity 1.505

Pedigree Breakdown

  • Wyo Blue Bonnet 50%
  • Plenty Try 25%
  • Leo Hancock Hays 25%
  • Blue Valentine 21.88%
  • Texas BlueBonnet14.84%
  • Joe Hancock 13.09%
  • Gooseberry 12.5%
  • Rip Rip 12.5%
  • Red Man 11.33%
  • Plenty Coup 9.38%
  • Leo 7.42%

Stud Fee: $1,200

Own Son of WYO Blue Bonnet



PLENTY WYO TRY is an ’01 Grullo Roan who is Homozygous Black and Heterozygous for Dun and Roan. 100% Black producer (Blacks, Grullo, Bay, Dun, Buckskin, Dunskin) and 50% Roan producer! He has great confirmation standing 15.1 hands and very thick muscled, but as good as he looks his best attribute is his mind! Anyone can walk up to him rub all over from little kids to the experienced riders. He is extremely gentle, and is an easy breeder both hand or pasture and has proven a high sperm count In recent testing.

Thanks for looking at our stallion who has a good bloodline, great confirmation, excellent temperament, and a unique color.

Stud Fee Includes 30 Days of Mare Care

Guaranteed Live Foal

Frozen semen available

Live Cover:  $1,200

Fresh Semen: $850

Frozen Semen:  $750

Claytons Romeo Ike



Grullo Roan

  • E/E a/a Rn/rn D/d
  • 14.3 hh
  • 5 Panel N/N
  • Own son to Romeo Blue
  • IBV 14.4%
  • Hybrid Vigor -8.45%
  • Homozygousity 4.608 

Pedigree Breakdown

  • Romeo Blue 62.5%
  • Plenty Try 31.25%
  • Trace Of Glen 25%
  • Blue Valentine 23.44%
  • Gooseberry 15.63%
  • Red Man 13.67%
  • Joe Hancock 11.13%
  • Orphan Drift 9.38%
  • Driftwood 7.03%

Stud Fee: $1,000

Romeo Is an ‘09 Grullo Roan who is also Homozygous Black! 

He will never produce a Chestnut or Sorrel. He is a color producing machine! He also carries over 4 matching pairs of cromosones which allows his to pass along a lot of genetic potential to his offspring! He has a kind eye, excellent disposition, all black feet, and heavy bone. He is a huge asset to our ranch and we couldn’t be happier with him!

Stud Fee Includes 30 Days of Mare Care

Live Foal Guarantee 

Live Cover: $1,000

Fresh Semen: $750